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Detoxing at The LifeCo Phuket

Those who know me, also know how much I love detoxing. I generally spend every couple of months doing some sort of cleanse or fast. I feel it helps me to stay fit and keeps my weight stable. I feel a 5 day fast every 6 months has really helped me to stay healthy over the past couple of years.

As a writer I get the chance to visit many different Wellness & Detox resorts around the world. One of my favorite wellness brands of all times is The LifeCo. I stayed with them several times through my travels in Turkey, but this time I had the chance to go visit their branch in Phuket. I must say it was an incredible experience.

The LifeCo is an advanced Detox and Anti-Aging Retreat. With a wide variety of programs to choose from, they cater to different health needs, from simple weight-loss to anti-cancer protocols, intestinal cleansing and immune boosting. The level of personal support is high at the centers, assuring the right choice in program and a smooth and successful cleansing process. The many therapies and extra activities that are offered during the programs, like Yoga and nature walks, greatly assist in the detox experience. Overall, the LifeCo offers the highest quality wellness programs in a luxury environment at a very reasonable price.

I keep coming back to the LifeCo for the green juice fast. I have tried several fasts in different wellness centers, but truly have never received the benefits I have been able to get from the green juice program at the LifeCo. On a 5 day fast I generally lose up to 5 kilo’s, but aside from the weight-loss, I also feel my bowel functioning much better after a program, I have more energy, more positive thoughts, more focus and drive, happier, and more at peace.

Even though I am not an advocate of a long term raw diet, as I feel it is too one-sided, I believe these diets have high value when it comes to cleansing out the body, losing weight and getting rid of sluggish conditions. At the LifeCo it’s also possible to follow a raw food diet for a couple of days, something which I always thoroughly enjoy after fasting, as it makes the transition back to a normal diet so much easier. There are also other food programs to choose from, like the Ketogenic diet (mostly for those who want to lose weight), and the Anti-Aging nutrition program.

To me The LifeCo is a place where I want to keep coming back to. I trust in their knowledge and expertise and appreciate the brand for what it has to offer. I feel the service at the centers is excellent, and the quality of food and supplements is very high. I also really value the different therapists and teachers at the centers, as they all have so much wonderful wellness knowledge to share.

If you would like to learn more about the LifeCo, please visit:

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