Orange Spring Trends

Orange Fashion Trends
Being from the Netherlands, I have always resisted wearing our national color. Even on the famous queens-day where everyone patriotically wears brightly colored orange outfits, I used to dress up in plain black. But, these days I have found that orange is actually a very pretty color to wear, and one that is definitely part of the fashion trends for spring 2017.

Due to my wider hips, I am a full-on fan of wide-leg trousers like these, which accentuate my waist rather than my legs. These type of trousers are definitely very much in style this Spring season. This particular style is mostly suitable for pear-shaped women like myself, as well as tall girls (I wouldn’t recommend these kind of trousers for shorter people or apple shapes as it can make them look stocky). I combined them with a figure hugging bathing suit as I was on the way to the beach, but any tight fitting top will do, either black or white.

Enjoying the JBR Beach today

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