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    Turkish Delight

    Visiting Bodrum

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    Summer in Lebanon

    Beirut's Basics & Beaches

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What to do in Istanbul


Summer in Lebanon – Beirut Part 1 – Basics & Beaches

Beirut is definitely one of my most favorite holiday destinations in the world! Even though it’s right in the center of Middle East and in the midst of political instability according to some media sources, Beirut oozes positivity, open-mindedness…


Turkish Delight – Visiting Bodrum

I love Bodrum! This long stretched strip of coastal beauty in the South-West of Turkey has stolen my heart many years ago. It offers the best of all worlds: Luxury decadence, amazing nightlife, food, shopping, stunning beaches and scenery,…


Vintage YSL

Someone gifted me this really cute vintage YSL bag. You know I don’t generally wear designer items, I’m more of a bohemian hippie kinda girl, but when someone gifts me a designer bag from the 80’s I obviously don’t…