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What to do in Istanbul

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Authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka You might have heard about Ayurveda as something for healthy people, or something to do with India or Yoga. These days the 5,000 year old healing science of Ayurveda is becoming more popular in…


Faux Fur Jackets & Fanny Packs

Istanbul was amazing, but cold! Make sure to read my Istanbul tips HERE. I’ve worn this amazing vintage jumpsuit before, but since it’s such a favorite piece of mine I wanted to show a slightly different style with this…


Kaya Loves One-Pieces

Ahh these Sri Lankan days! I look back on so much joyful memories. Check out my full Sri Lankan adventure HERE. I’m a total sucker for anything one-piece, including this dusty pink beauty. Definitely made my time at this…