Skirts & Crop Tops

You might have noticed I often wear these kind of styles: Flairy bottoms and crop tops which show my waist. Of course I have thought about this, and it isn’t just a coincidence. I am a curvy girl, or maybe even normally built, but most definitely not petite. That means that my legs are a bit sturdy and don’t look great in tight fitting low waist jeans for instance. Fashion is all about finding your personal style and then using clothes and accessories to accentuate your best features. I believe in wearing things, which make me feel comfortable, feminine and sexy.

To be honest, I also wish we could be promoting some different kind of body shapes in the fashion industry. Women simple have different body types, and some of us, however healthy we eat and however much we exercise, will never have that Kate Moss look. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be beautiful though, or that you can’t model clothes, be a fashionista or just be happy with the way you look and dress up in all sorts of different outfits.

For taller, pear shaped women, who have a smaller upper body and bigger hips or legs, I suggest trying out an outfit like this. Choose a wide legged trousers or nice fitting skirt with a high waist, and combine it with your favorite crop top in a matching color. Add some sandals, a bag and some jewelry and you’re done for the day. I personally am also a great fan of these bohemian style head-bands with some glam in it. They do truly spice up every outfit.

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