7-Day Detox & Slim Down

Detox and slim down at home with this easy to follow 7-day program

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to lose a few kilo’s of excess weight

  • Want to lose water-weight

  • Want to prepare your body for a weight-loss program

  • Feel like you need a cleanse/detox your system

  • Drink alcohol and coffee regularly

  • Eat processed foods regularly

  • Want a system reboot

  • Have blood sugar issues (feeling lethargic after food)

  • Feel tired often

  • Have headaches regularly

  • Want to improve your digestion

And many more reasons why to do an easy, gentle and holistic cleanse like this!

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Feel healthy, light and great in your body

Join Kaya’s 7-day Holistic Detox Program for improved energy, a lighter body and a healthy glowing skin!

What people say about this online detox & slim down program

Kaya’s one week detox program was a revelation for me. I could eat very good food, easy to prepare, attractive on my plate and I did not feel hungry at all! But, the most important for me was that I lost weight slowly but surely. And I felt more energetic. The quantities and the frequencies of food helped me a lot. I am more confident in respecting my body and my soul while getting older in good health. I hope many people will have the chance to try Kaya’s detox program. Thanks for your help, Kaya!
Marie-Claude Godette



    Your 7-day holistic detox instruction book: Contains 7 full days of descriptions, recipes, what to eat, and what to do

  • Your detox preparation instructions: Teach you what to do, what to avoid and what to eat in the days leading up to the detox

  • Your detox shopping list: Comes in handy when doing your grocery shopping for the week

  • Your 7-day exercise and stretching program: Gives you easy to follow mild exercise and stretching routines and also explains how to continue these after the detox

  • Your “Week of Clean Eating” yummy health food cookbook: To cook up simple recipes to nourish your body & mind after the detox


We promise you, you will never go back to your previous eating habits!



$79.00 $39.00Buy now

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