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Authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

You might have heard about Ayurveda as something for healthy people, or something to do with India or Yoga. These days the 5,000 year old healing science of Ayurveda is becoming more popular in the West for its ability to prevent and cure a wide variety of illnesses.

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic discipline, which originates from India. Its practices focus on the prevention as well as cure of any kind of disease, through the unique synergy of mind and body. Ayurveda, meaning “Science of Life” in Sanskrit, was first understood, perfected and passed down through generations and aimed at maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state. Sri Lanka is famous for its authentic application of this ancient healing science, and tourists flock from all over the world to experience Ayurveda treatments in the form of booking week-long retreats and all-inclusive health packages.

Ayurveda is different from modern day medicine in quite a few ways: In Ayurveda, every individual is viewed as unique and prescribed diet and lifestyle practices according to their specific “dosha” (type) and imbalances. Prevention is key in Ayurveda, and food and lifestyle routines are considered the best medicine. An Ayurvedic practitioner will always diagnose you according to your type (dosha) and design an individual approach to achieve and maintain your best state of health.

I visited Sri Lanka’s best recommended Ayurveda retreat in Wadduwa for a short stay and immersion in the Ayurvedic practices. About 1,5 drive from Colombo airport, situated right on the beautiful Wadduwa beach, you find Siddhalepa Ayurveda.

Siddhalepa Group was founded in 1979, a family heritage of over 200 years and three generations. Established by Dr. Victor Hettigoda, an Ayurveda specialist, the Group is a pioneer in the industry and one of the largest of its kind, manufacturing a range of over 400 medicinal oils, balms, elixirs, herbal cosmetics and teas along with other medicines for domestic and export markets. The group also runs an Ayurveda hospital, a health resort in Wadduwa, a city hotel in Mount Lavinia and several spas in Sri Lanka, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. No wonder that Siddhalepa Ayurveda is one of the most well known centers in Sri Lanka.

My stay at the resort, even though short, was absolutely blissful: The food was out of this world for a health lover like myself, and the daily Ayurvedic massages left me feeling energised and rejuvenated. What struck me most about my stay was that after only 3 days I felt different: My body felt lighter, my mind more at ease and I felt relaxed and ready to face the world again with a fresh mind and clean body. The great thing about Ayurveda is that it’s so gentle on the body and doesn’t use aggressive healing methods like days of fasting or other invasive techniques. I enjoyed three fully satisfying meals a day with even some deserts, amazing herbal treatments and the experience overall was nourishing rather than difficult.

A big pro is the location of the center, right on a beautiful long stretched beach, perfect for morning walks and sunset swims. I also loved the fact that Siddhalepa produces all their herbs, teas and products in their very own herbal factory, which makes them unique in Sri Lanka.

Overall I would highly recommend staying at this beautiful resort in Wadduwa. For more information, please visit:

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