Bohemian Bali Vibes

While I am in Thailand I might as well blog a bit about my trip to Bali, and mostly the things I like to wear when on a tropical island. Obviously the choice of clothing is different in these environments than in a city like Dubai or even in Europe. I like to really make use of the fact that in these places it’s generally OK to wear a bit more revealing and summery outfits. What I love so much about Bali is that the code of what to wear is very free, so nobody really cares whether you look stylish or not. With the hippie vibe you can also just wear shorts and a bikini top all day. However, I do personally like to respect the Balinese culture and not walk around half naked.

So, what kind of clothes suit the Bali vibe best? I personally choose open skirts, flare pants made of natural materials, long dresses which fit tightly at the waist, crop tops, bead bracelets and wrap around sandals.

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