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6-Week Business Coaching Packages with Kaya

A little more about me ...

It was such a blessing to be awarded Best Yoga Teacher Training School for my Lifestyle Business in 2019. In 2020 I won another Award for being a female leader in the Middle East. 

Being recognized for my work in the world is the best feeling ever. Making 6 figures consistently every year by doing something I love and having the time and freedom to travel the world, is a true blessing.

I consciously created this reality for myself, and I would LOVE to guide you on this journey and get you the results you dream of too. 

This is not only possible for some "special" or "extremely smart" people, but for you too. It will just require a shift in perspective and some expertise on how to create this dream of yours the right way.

What you can gain from my coaching ...

Coaching Options

6-week Coaching Package 2,999 USD*

(Kaya takes only 3 clients a month maximum, please make sure to send us an email or message before you book on [email protected])

One-Off Coaching Session 250 USD*

*Only Available Once For This Special Trial Rate