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What I have been up to lately you ask me? Well in between Turkey, Bali, creating a clothing collection, running my Yoga trainings, falling in love and much more, I have also managed to stay in Dubai for a few days, where I actually supposedly live hahaha. So we went to Ras Al Khaimah for a weekend in the Waldorf Astoria, shown on the picture above. A place I really recommend going, the hotel is absolutely stunning and Ras al Khaimah in general is just a really nice place to spend a weekend. If you don’t want to go high class and high price you can also stay in Al Hamra right across the road, and still use the facilities of the Waldorf Astoria like the beach, coffeeshops and restaurants etc.

For more info on some luxury travel to RAK (Ras al Khaimah) you can check out my previous article:Β

Now moving on to some more Dubai tips. I personally love to spend my Fridays eating yummy food and chilling on the beach. One of my favorite cafe’s currently is Single Fin Cafe,Β there simply is no way you will not shamelessly stuff your face when you go there. Located in a little side street of Jumeirah Beach Road, close to the Burj al Arab, it’s definitely one of my health food and Friday brekkie faves. Check out the gluten free waffles with coconut bricks and chocolate sauce down below πŸ˜€

Then clearly when your stomach is Β filled, one must lie down for a while and what better place to do that then Cove beach. I really love it, it’s so chilled and great to just spend a whole day and completely lose track of time. I love the music and the beach is not overcrowded. Entrance fee is 150 AED but I think you get some food credit from that as well, plus water and towels and your own comfy beach chair.

For evenings I really love strolling around JBR and finding a cute spot to eat. JBR is really lovely and the variety of restaurants is huge. Best place for anything you want to do, whether it’s eating, seeing a movie or just taking a walk and watching people. Some of my favorite healthy food places on JBR are below. Nothing fancy but just cute places to sit and chill outside when the weather is nice.

  • LPQ (Le Pain Quotidien), even though it’s a chain I love their food as it’s super healthy and wholesome
  • Paul’s, of course who wouldn’t love Paul’s and I particularly love the huge terrace they have at JBR, so cozy
  • Fruiteiro do Brazil, best fruit smoothies and sugar-free popsicles
  • Leopolds, serves more than 70 types of tea, and we all know how much I love tea!

Enjoy Dubai and the wonderful vibe of the city. Even though it’s getting a little hot currently, it’s still fun to go out at night and reasonably bearable. But clearly the best months to visit would be before and after summer from October till April.

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