Kaya’s 6-figure Entrepreneurship & Leadership Retreats

Have you ever wondered why your life is not what you would like it to be?

Truthfully speaking, about 90% of the population feels like they are not living their dreams and potential. They are stuck in boring jobs they don’t like, don’t have enough money to do the things they would like to do, and feel tired, exhausted and demotivated.

Even the people who DO do what they love, often struggle financially!

So what if I told you that all of this could change within no-time?

It just requires some simple shifts in perspective, and the removal of internal blockages, which cause you to stay stuck in a place that doesn’t satisfy you, or bring you the financial rewards you deserve!

Trust me, I know what it’s like! 7 years ago I was broke, living in my car from month to month, and always struggling to get paid proper fees by my clients. Today, I own a house in Thailand (which I paid in cash) and live in 4 places at the same time. I travel between Bali, Thailand, Istanbul and Dubai. I’ve made years of 6-figures in net profit, while my physical working hours are twice a month for two days, and in summer I work in stunning locations with people that I love, running retreats and teacher trainings.

I have created a business, which gives me time, satisfaction and financial freedom!

A lot of coaches out there are full of shit!!! They claim things they haven’t accomplished themselves, in order to make money. I am not like that. I actually did everything I claim to have done. I want to help you to do the same! I want to help you create a life, which doesn’t feel like a burden, and which allows you to use your unique talents to do something rewarding and satisfying.

I have made many mistakes and have learned in the best way possible: From experience!

I can teach you what it takes to set up and run a 6-figure business on your own. I can help you to find your passion and self-confidence, and I can show you a way out of this rat race!

My 6-figure entrepreneurship retreats will be launching in 2020, and I truly hope you will be part of this amazing journey with me! Keep your eyes out on this page, and sign up for my newsletter to stay updated on the launch of my programs!