Launch your Lifestyle Brand

Exclusive Entrepreneurship Retreat

Launch Your Lifestyle Brand Entrepreneurship Retreat

Phuket - November 1 - 7, 2020

"Most startups fail because they don't have the know how and perseverance to manage the ups- and downs of entrepreneurship. Proper business training is an absolute necessity for anyone who is planning to launch their own brand or business"
Kaya Peters

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life on your terms?

Most people feel like they are not living their dreams. Are you stuck in an unsatisfying job, thinking that this is your only option. Are you barely making enough money to do the things you love, while working 40+ hours a week? Are you feeling tired, demotivated and unfulfilled?

If this is you, I am here to help you!

Trust me, I know what it's like. 7 years ago I felt exactly the same. But one day I woke up and decided that I was not going to do anything anymore that didn't excite me. I decided to be abundant, and to only do things I am passionate about. This has resulted in me owning an award winning 6-figure brand, traveling the world non-stop, and living a life built on my passion and purpose.

"This training really is special and one-of-a-kind, as Kaya shines a light on and shares her tremendous knowledge on starting a Lifestyle Business. I found her teachings as well as her as a person incredibly helpful, inspirational and motivational. These business-classes are helpful no matter if you are wanting to build your business in the Yoga industry or any other industry, as her teachings focus on finding your vision, hacking and fine-tuning your mindset towards money and success as well as practical steps on how to get to where you’re wanting to go. Kaya is extremely knowledgeable and a great mentor and coach, as she shares form an authentic and very raw place that resonates a lot with me. After completing the training I felt even deeper connected to my vision, and dove straight into creating my own business as I have been planning and envisioning for a long time. I gained clarity on how I want to build my business, a million ideas and possibilities morphed into a very clear vision that I now am I building. On top of that I brought both of what I do, what I’m good at, and what I’m passionate about together."
Rosalie Hochstetter
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The Location



Amatara Wellness Resort offers the luxury resort holiday in Phuket as well as life-enhancing and transformative wellness retreat experiences with the view of picturesque turquoise Andaman Sea in a peaceful corner of Cape Panwa. This 105 suites and villas with sea view resort awaits to welcome you to relax, recharge and be inspired.

Why is this retreat different ?

It is common knowledge that in order to increase our financial abundance, we must be willing to invest in ourselves and our learning. This retreat is not just a relaxation or Yoga retreat, but a full on 7-day educational program, which will give you all the tools to launch your own lifestyle business. Generally, when we invest, our profits increase 10x in the year after that.  

I promise that you will be able to launch your business after 7 days, with a solid plan for your future, the right mindset, and all the knowledge you need to do this business thing for real!

Detailed Daily Schedule

Why should you join this retreat?

Accommodation, Food & Activities

Bayview Suite Accommodation

We offer shared accommodation in the gorgeous Bay View Suites in Amatara Wellness Resort. 

These stunningly designed rooms offer guests the delightful view of the Panwa Bay. The rooms are spacious, 70 sqm in size and an adjoining living room with a private sea view balcony.


Scrumptious, light and healthy meals to nourish your body and brain and keep you focused on your goals. Our food is mostly vegetarian/vegan, with the occasional fish. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. We will be happy to cater to your needs.

We serve breakfast and lunch every day. At dinner time you can venture out to the surrounding restaurants, or eat on site. 

Yoga & Meditation

Our powerful daily practices to increase your productivity, body awareness, physical and emotional health, as well as concentration, motivation, creativity and vision. 

We offer a Yoga & Meditation class daily with one of Kaya’s trained and experienced Yoga instructors.


Business Workshops

During this retreat we offer a variety of workshops to clear your mind, reprogram your thoughts, boost confidence and concentration, and create a solid business plan for your soon the be launched Lifestyle Business. We will sit with you behind your computer and show you all the ins- and outs of marketing, creating strategies and communicating your message with confidence and authenticity. 

Workshops are taught by Kaya, 6-figure entrepreneur and business owner. 

Spa & Wellness

Amatara is one of the leading luxury wellness resorts in Thailand, with a dedication to offering treatments that genuinely enhance your body, mind and spirit.

Discounts on Spa treatments are available during the retreat.