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> An effective CV...

Make the best of your Interview...

Common Reasons for Rejection

Hints and Tips for International Positions

Popular Locations for International Positions


An effective CV...

Your CV determines whether you get picked for an interview. It needs to get across effectively your skills, roles and achievements so that an employer wants to find out more about you in an interview.

- All CVs are approved by us before being released into the system.

- As long as you fill out all sections and answer all questions with as much detail as possible you will produce a well constructed document.

- Remember the employer will only see what you enter on your CV and nothing else – never assume they know anything – you should tell them as much as you can.

- When you enter the names of schools, colleges or salons where you gained work experience – state the town as well.

- Give your full course title and details about what skills and specialisms you have acquired.

- For every job advert you respond to, your CV will be competing with many others so make sure it shines out!

- You may have the same qualifications as the other candidates so why should an employer pick you?

- Your Personal Statement can be a secret weapon!

- Although this comes right at the end of the process in step 7 - it is the first paragraph that the employer will read on your CV and is your big chance to show your unique character, ambition and strengths.

- Read through your CV before submitting it and imagine yourself compared to others applying for similar jobs. If there is anything you can add to make your CV more detailed and interesting then give it a go!

- Check your spelling! Text language is not appropriate for a CV.

- It is important to remember not to abbreviate words and to ensure that you express yourself clearly.

- If you are careless when creating your CV an employer may think your work is careless too!

- It can help to get someone else to read through your CV – they may have suggestions for improvement.

- If we cannot approve your CV we tell you why – we can’t approve incomplete CVs and release them into the system as it is crucial that employers receive accurate and good quality CVs in their search results.

- We email every candidate who completes the process so please check your emails (and spam boxes) and amend yours if necessary.

- We are here to help and advise.

- Remember to update your CV whenever you complete a course, product training session or gain more work experience.


Make the best of your Interview...

- You’ve got your biggest chance to persuade the interviewer that they should employ you!

- If you are offered an interview, ask if you are likely to be trade tested at this stage and if they would like you to wear or bring a uniform to change into.

- Try to get them to tell you what the trade test will consist of – and practice before you go!

- You must turn up on time – better to be 15 minutes early than 1 minute late!

- Your CV impressed them to get you this far - so dress to impress too!

- Your appearance should be neat and professional.

- Smile and be respectful – how you speak with your interviewer shows them how you are likely to treat their clients.

- Don’t say you can do something if you can’t. It is better to be honest but say you are very keen to learn.

- Jobs in all industries are hard to come by these days so take what you are offered – getting the first job is the hardest. Once you have experience under your belt and you do a good job the next move will be much easier.

- Learn from the experience. If you are unsuccessful ask for feedback.

- If you don't get the job, ask yourself if you were aiming a bit high or if maybe the trade test didn’t go so well. It is rare to get a job from a first interview. So don’t be disheartened - go to the next one wiser and more confident than this time and eventually you will succeed!


Common Reasons for Rejection

Are you permitted to work there?

If the employer has a selection of candidates who do not require sponsorship for a working visa, then if you don't have a current work permit you are likely to be eliminated from the process early on. However, certain countries rely on international staff and our advice on this topic can be found in the hints and tips for international positions section.

Is your CV as good as it could be?

Employers only see what job seekers have submitted into their searchable CV. Many candidates will have very similar qualifications and duties to you, so it is important to fill out all 7 steps with as much detail as possible, In particular, do try to write a good personal statement - it is a chance for you to show your personality and ambition to potential employers – individualise your CV!

Have you aimed too high?

Though employers look for the ambitious, it is important to pitch yourself at the right level. When seeking your first full time job on leaving college it is highly unlikely that an overseas employer will rank your CV above other keen candidates with 1 or 2 years experience behind them. Likewise, if you have just graduated and you only apply for senior positions you are likely to loose out to a non graduate with several working years of senior experience. Always try to look at your CV from an employer’s point of view and seek positions for which your previous experience qualifies you.

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Hints and Tips for International Positions

Cruise Ships

This is a great way to see the world at the same time as getting excellent spa experience. College leavers are rarely accepted but a solid 6 – 12 months of full time work experience is often enough to secure a place on board. Full training is usually given and with ships being floating hotels this is often a good springboard into the hotel spa jobs market when returning to dry land.

Language Skills

Think about the language skills you have and apply for jobs accordingly. Whatever your nationality, an ability to communicate in English is usually a real asset. If you are applying for a job in Europe then clearly you will have a better chance of securing a position in countries whose language you speak. However, it is also important to consider the nationalities of the spa guests. Sometimes it is more useful to the employer if you speak those languages rather than the national language of the spa location – for example in Dubai or the Maldives to speak English and some German or Russian would be more valuable to an employer than a knowledge of Arabic.

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Popular International Destinations

If you want to work outside your own country it makes sense to apply to those where permits are easily given – or where your nationality is accepted.

Here are some suggestions which may be worth considering:

Middle East - all countries in the middle east are popular destinations for people wanting international experience, since few staff are available locally, so most are recruited from overseas

Maldives – few staff are available locally, so most are recruited from overseas

Australia/New Zealand – British Citizens can work there on holiday working visas

UK – Operates a Youth Mobility Scheme for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada, and offers Ancestral Visas for anyone with a Grandparent born in the UK.

EU countries – if you are an EU member and speak the local language it is worth applying – and non-EU nationals should check out each country for individual special visas that are available.  

Bermuda – some employers will sponsor strong candidates. 

Caribbean - with the cruise ships being the easiest route in. 

Worldwide – by applying for work on a cruise ship.

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