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in 12 Weeks Time


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"I'm opening up my own studio, went from part-time to full-time teaching and am in the middle of negotiating a contract to take on Yoga for large Canadian company, working with 7 groups of 75 people! I credit my confidence and progress to this course!"
Stacey Olsen
Yoga Teacher
"I had my first retreat and it was fully booked and a great success. Besides that I got the opportunity to work independent for a company based in London in the IT sector. I am the head of sales and can basically work from anywhere I want, I only need my laptop and phone and have to join some meetings. I love both jobs so much and finally created the life I always dreamed of but never even knew is out there. It is the best of both worlds!"
Cynthia Mehera
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Heidi Jones started her own Health Coaching business after completing Kaya's coaching. Heidi is also a brand ambassador for LuluLemon and is featured in a number of publications including; The National Business, Harpers Bazaar, Mojeh, Savoir Flair & TimeOut Dubai. She has also set up the The Health Coach Social Learn. Grow. Connect. Community to support and mentor coaches within Dubai.
Heidi Jones
Owner of Heidi Jones Coaching
"Kaya's guidance was key in building my own brand and developing a successful Yoga business in Bali. Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge!"
Marylene Henry
Owner of ZazYoga

Hi, my name is Kaya!


I have built a multiple 6-figure lifestyle business in the Middle East, without investors, starting capital or any kind of help. I built my business on my passion and have been living my purpose for over a decade.


Entrepreneurship is in my blood, and I have a gift for seeing what needs to be done, released, created or removed in order to create the success you dream of. I have trained hundreds of Yoga entrepreneurs in my Yoga school, for which I won two awards in 2019. I was recently also recognized as a Middle East Female Leader.


My true passion is to help people create freedom, abundance and joy in their businesses. Even though I have managed to build a 6-figure brand, my business philosophy is mostly based on creating a lifestyle of freedom and joy. Money is not the number one focus, it is just a side effect of working smart and doing what you love.


I spend my time in Dubai, Thailand, Bali and Istanbul mostly. I have the freedom to travel and live anywhere I want.


I promise to help you create the things you want for yourself through my 12-week Launch your Lifestyle Business program.


Much Love,


"This training really is special and one-of-a-kind, as Kaya shines a light on and shares her tremendous knowledge on starting a Lifestyle Business. I found her teachings as well as her as a person incredibly helpful, inspirational and motivational. These business-classes are helpful no matter if you are wanting to build your business in the Yoga industry or any other industry, as her teachings focus on finding your vision, hacking and fine-tuning your mindset towards money and success as well as practical steps on how to get to where you’re wanting to go. Kaya is extremely knowledgeable and a great mentor and coach, as she shares form an authentic and very raw place that resonates a lot with me. After completing the training I felt even deeper connected to my vision, and dove straight into creating my own business as I have been planning and envisioning for a long time. I gained clarity on how I want to build my business, a million ideas and possibilities morphed into a very clear vision that I now am I building. On top of that I brought both of what I do, what I’m good at, and what I’m passionate about together."
Rosalie Hochstetter
Business Owner

Who is this Program for?

  • You are an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur who is looking to find their purpose and passion
  • You are already working in the industry, but are not making enough and are ready for the next step in your success
  • You want to transition from another career into your lifestyle passion 
  • You are driven, self motivated and hard working. This course won’t do the work FOR you, but will teach you a proven roadmap to success
  • You are ready to confront your habits, beliefs and patterns in order to create a real lasting change and create a business you love

Program Content

  • Workbook


A 40+ page hands-on workbook with all the preparation you need in order to launch your Lifestyle Brand

Your Investment in Yourself


  • 12 week online coaching program (2,999 USD value)
  • Facebook Support Group with Kaya (999 USD value)
  • 40+ Page Workbook (299 USD value)
  • Life-time access to the Course Content
  • Launch in 12-Weeks Time


      • 12 week online coaching program (2,999 USD value)
      • Facebook Support Group with Kaya (999 USD value)
      • 40+ Page Workbook (299 USD value)
      • Life-time access to the Course Content
      • Launch in 12-Weeks Time

Even though I have very little refund requests in my business, if you are not happy with the course, you can claim your money back within 48-hours after purchase.