Neon is the new Black

Neon has definitely made a comeback in the past year. September’s New York Fashion Week was filled with funky colors, from bright yellow shades to vivid oranges and pinks. I’ve always been a fan of Neon. It’s so edgy and really compliments my love for street-style outfits and old skool rap parties. Particularly bright pink makes me feel young and crazy. I find that for women with darker hair and skin tones these neon colors can be really flattering. And the great thing about wearing brighter shades is that they go fantastically well with casual wear and jeans, my personal favorites. There’s nothing like having a gazillion types of jeans to endlessly combine with tops and shoes.

This look is incredibly simple and low cost. Both jeans and top are from H&M. I do love them two sided jeans, and the top comes in all different colors and is below . The key with neon is to combine smartly and make sure you don’t look like a traffic light or lose all sense of style. Combining bright pink and yellow elements with jeans is definitely one way to go. As for the shoes, I felt it was time to move away from the boring white or black and throw some sass into the mix. After all, we really do need some color and bling at times. Combined with some simple accessories and these mega-cute anklets, I feel this outfit is excellent for the beautiful Dubai spring days, or other moderate temperature times and places.

As for make-up: I like my make-up to enhance my natural features, and I definitely do not want to look like a different person with make-up on. Therefore I always choose lightweight products, earthy tones, and shades which match my natural color. I am a big fan of Dior’s Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion foundation, as well as their Diorskin Nude Luminizer. I use mac bronzing powder, lip primer and lipstick color B36 FAUX, and my new personal favorite of all times: Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit, which makes your lashes look like they actually exist.

The moral of this story: Please don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colors this spring and summer, they will lighten up your Soul, while you find positivity and excitement in life.

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