Ocean Love

What could possibly be as comforting as the ocean itself? No amount of chocolate, red wine or Sex & the City Episodes can compare to the soothing effect the sea has on Heart and Soul. Ever since I can remember, I have felt the pull towards empty beaches and wild waters. There I withdraw from every day life and the endless responsibilities that come with functioning in society.

My first ever encounter with the sea was when I was still a little baby. My dad, who was a Catamaran sailer, took me onto his boat and infected me with his Ocean Love. As an adult I have found myself living next to the sea for almost a decade, practicing Yoga on beaches, getting lost in sandy dunes and making Love with the sound of the ocean. Better and definitely cheaper than therapy, Mama Ocean often healed my heart, gave me peace of mind, and restored my trust in life and humanity.

Not only has the ocean often given me a great sense of peace, I also a believer in the many healing benefits of spending time at the water. Every now and then, when I feel myself getting overly caught up in the stresses of daily life, I just drop everything I’m doing and position myself on the wet part of the beach, where the waves roll up the shore. With an empty mind, I observe the rhythms of the waves and listen to their silent songs, soaking up the sea energy for a couple of hours. This very action of undoing, releases stress, scrubs impurities from my body and gives my skin a sun-kissed glow of health and vitality. I call it a God given beauty ritual, which never fails to deliver results, and works better than most expensive scrubs and skin treatments I’ve found in luxury salons.

From the unspoiled beaches in the South of Portugal, to the classy beach bars in Dubai and the local beaches on Bali Island, all of them have their charm, and the ocean never fails me. Taken on one of Bali’s beaches, this particular day was a wonderful break from my worldly business as a Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur and Blogger. Ocean Love: Definitely a must-do activity.

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