On Creating the Life of your Dreams

Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars – Ben Stein

The teachings of Yoga have always been a spiritual tool for me. Not a means to getting more physically fit, not a means to look better or feel healthier, but a means to understand myself, to remove limiting belief systems, self-sabotage and dependence on others for my happiness. Yoga has allowed me to be true to myself, my spirit, my Soul, and the purpose I have on this planet.

I believe all human beings have an authentic purpose. It’s that which makes our Soul sing, which makes our eyes light up when we speak about it, that which makes us want to wake up in the middle of the night and just go for it. It is our birthright to live a life of happiness, of meaning, and of Self-actualization.

Someone’s life purpose does not have to be obviously spiritual. I happen to teach Yoga because it was once one of my greatest loves. I fell in love with the teachings at a very young age, and always thought I would end up living like a Yogi. Little did I know that Yoga came into my life to improve my experience of actual life in the world, and it was not so much the ultra isolated spiritual life that was meant for me.

I built a 6-figure Yoga business by the time I was 30. Even though it took a while, I felt it was a great accomplishment, which honored the beliefs I wanted to embrace in life: A 4-hour workweek with Purpose and Passion. Setting up Teacher Training programs for those who wanted to learn Yoga, allowed me to contribute to people’s lives in a beautiful way, while creating financial freedom, time for myself and the chance to work on my other passions, like this blog, and my own line of clothing.

It is my wish for all people to be able to live freely, without financial stress, and with a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. In this article I will share with you some of the key elements that contributed to my success:

1. Self Work

Over the last decade I have done an incredible amount of work on myself. I have worked with therapists, coaches, healers and shamans. I have done several Ayahuasca journeys and have delved into the depths of my subconscious. I have looked at my trauma’s, my pain, my self-limiting talk and my belief systems. I have and continuously am, healing my family relationships, my ancestral Karma and myself. This is something, which will never stop. I believe that without working on ourselves, and finding a place of deep inner strength and Self-Love and Acceptance, we can never be truly successful and abundant.

2. Practice

Not only have I spent a decade in a very deep physical Yoga practice, I also practice many other things. Consistency, patience, perseverance, goal setting, time management, visualization, positive thinking. I am continuously training myself and disciplining my mind to believe and think positively. I get out of bed, I work out in the gym almost every day, I show up for myself. I practice when I need to, I sacrifice other things for the goals I want to achieve.

3. Consistency

I don’t believe in fast success. The only thing that works long term, is continuous effort and consistency. I work on my business every day. Sometimes only for 10 minutes, sometimes for a few hours. I am always involved, always available and always dedicated.Β 

4.Β Believing in MYSELF

I have had horrible experiences in life. People have told me I wasn’t worth anything, I have been judged, scolded, kicked to the curb and talked about. Not only in my past, but also in my life as a Yoga instructor. Fellow Yogi’s have made ugly statements about me, people have said that I would never be able to be where I am today. I have received jealousy and opposition, resistance and negativity. Yet, none of this has ever allowed me to stop believing in myself. In fact, it has made me stronger in the belief that I am bigger than that, and, that I have something to offer to this world. Don’t ever let people’s fears, insecurities and doubts affect you. You can do anything you want in life! But it all starts with your belief in yourself.

5. Working SMART

If you truly want to be successful, and financially abundant, you can’t work hour to hour anymore. You can’t continue to give away your precious time and energy to things, which eventually will not bring you closer to your goal. You have to think smart. I have always prioritized and given myself the luxury to hire people for the things that took me too much time and energy, like designing flyers, websites, writing posts, and even some teaching. I prefer to run Teacher Trainings and not drive around all day going from client to client. Even though in the beginning this might be necessary, as everyone needs to start somewhere. But, truly successful entrepreneurs, know how to delegate.

6. NEVER complaining and always giving my very BEST

When you’re building a career, you have to start from the bottom. You have to work hard, and you have to give it your all. Sometimes you work for free, sometimes you get paid peanuts. You’ll have to do it anyway! Never think about the money. Think about your dream! Think about how you will get there one day, and enjoy the journey to the fullest. There is nothing as rewarding as hard earned success.

Of course I believe that there are many other things, which are important in creating success. But the above mentioned points will probable help you get started with the right mindset. I myself have never written a business plan. I have always envisioned what I wanted. I don’t do numbers, I do energy. This is something personal. For me, abundance came hand in hand with evolving spiritually. Some people might want to write plans, calculate and do things more practically. Me, I meditate, visualize and make it happen. Your journey is yours, so please use as many resources as possible and see what works for you personally!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Wishing you all the best of your journey of joy, happiness and success.


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