That Glassy Look

Giving yourself an instant upgrade to high intelligence and unmeasured sexiness is really not that complicated. In my opinion every girl should have her own personal collection of eye-wear for different occasions, even if you don’t really wear glasses and your eyes are in great condition. The 2017 Fashion Trends include all different kinds of bold eye-wear. I am definitely a fan of oversized sunglasses and retro looks. I would say try and experiment with what looks good on your face, but do include a couple of different ones in your accessory collections.

As you all might know, I am not really obsessed with expensive labels, brands and superficiality, but prefer unique pieces, which are not worn by the rest of the world. To be completely honest, I am really getting fed up with the fact that fashion seems to be all about spending money on all these different clothes and accessories all the time. I found these funky turquoise glasses on a street market in Silom, Bangkok, and was instantly sold, and for 150 Baht who wouldn’t be. Ever since I have been suffering from regular Glass-Obsessed Moods. These babies are a great addition to sporty looks and basic outfits, which I personally Loooooovvvveee. The simpler the better; sneakers, jeans and simple tank tops occupy most of my wardrobe. Where wearing sporty outfits was once considered boring or unfeminine, this new thing of wearing glasses makes even the most basic look seem sexy and seductive.

I got this turqouise “eye-candy” from a random street market in Bangkok,  somewhere around HERE. Add some bright pink lipstick and the picture is complete.

As I’ve said many times, looking good and fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I encourage you to experiment with this look and see whether you can add some “Glass” to your every day life 😉

On another note, Bangkok is truly a Paradise for those who love affordable cosmetics, gadgets and glasses like these. I recommend the street markets in Silom for a great and unique shopping experience.

With Love

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