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The launch of my own Fashion Label – How did it get to this?!

To be honest, if someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be the creative brain behind two of my own brands, I would have probably not believed it. Many people don’t know that I went through long years of depression, addiction and eating disorders in my teens and twenties. Not that I like to talk much about these negative experiences, but it’s those years that made me who I am today and the memory of who I used to be makes me want to work harder for what excites me every single day. Depression is a serious illness and it takes everything from a person. I suffered from chronic depressions since I can remember and it lasted till I came in contact with Yoga and learned how to discipline my mind and take care of my body in the best possible way. Yoga saved my life, honestly.

How I became an entrepreneur is a really long story. I guess it has always been in my blood to be self-sufficient; growing up with an abusive father and a mother who was completely dependent on him financially, made me realize I wanted to be and independent woman with my own bank account and the ability to make my own choices. The fact that I have accomplished to create not only financial stability, but abundance, is something I am proud of, and hope to share with as many women out there as possible. I believe a woman should always have a choice and something of her own to fall back on.

My Yoga school has been a great success in the Middle East for years now. First teaching privately, and since four years running Teacher Training courses focused on the therapeutic aspect of Yoga. I created a six-figure business out of my passion and more importantly a community of people who love to be together, work together and contribute. Yoga was my way of healing myself while giving back to others. By the way, I arrived in Dubai 6 years ago without a single penny in my pocket, I didn’t know anyone and I had no clue about the place, but I had a dream, and I made it happen. It was tough, it was not easy, I had many setbacks, but I managed in spite of all the people who put negativity into my head during many years of reinventing myself. I received judgement, criticism and zero support from family members and long-term friends, but I decided to go for what I believed in. I think it’s important for people to believe in their dreams, because so often we are held back by our own insecurities and others putting fear based ideas in our heads, like we need job-security or we will fail or it’s too risky. I believe dreams can become reality if only we are willing to go for it and never give up!

RAIN. The Label launched this October and it has been one of the most exciting and creative projects I have worked on so far. I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was young, but never had the chance to pursue it as a career, life simply sent me on another path for a while. At this stage I am so excited about combining my love for Yoga & Fashion into my first collection, Essentials. I believe that Yoga and Fashion do not have to be separate and we can still look beautiful inside our Yoga class, as well as wear our most comfortable outfit to a club or bar and still look stunning. I wanted to create something for the modern day woman, who is busy with a million tasks, and just wants to throw on something which makes her feel good, feminine and sexy. The Essentials pieces are so comfy and soft, and made of the highest quality natural fabric. It makes you feel feminine and fashionable and all pieces are multi-functional.

I am really excited about this new journey and transition into fashion. And I’m so grateful for everyone who’s working with me, studying with me and has already supported RAIN. by buying the items in this very early stage. Below I have made a galley of the Essentials collection, and you can also check it out on

I really hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about my journey to live my dreams and I hope this article will inspire you to go for yours. Also make sure to check out my new brand on

Much Love X


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