About me

Kaya Peters is an award winning business owner, entrepreneur and yogi who uses her platform to inspire others to follow their dreams.  Originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kaya lives and works across several locations all over the world including Dubai, Turkey and Thailand. 

After creating and managing an award winning Yoga school in the UAE, Kaya turned a life-long passion into RAIN. The Label: Creating a fashion line to empower women of all shapes and sizes using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. 

Her most recent endeavor comes as a series of courses designed to present a blueprint of success for men and women around the world, with both practical action steps and mindset shifting techniques presented. 

Tied into this of course is a personal passion for health and wellness and a desire to share this message across her various social media platforms, with well over 200,000 subscribers/ followers and over 25 million YouTube views.

Please also check out Kaya’s Award Winning Yoga School in Dubai, and her newly launched Fashion Label