About me

My name is Kaya. Thank you for following my adventures and life, as I love spending my time traveling around the world, watching people and writing stories. I have a big love for travel, fashion and everything tasty, and I am so lucky to have all the freedom to travel the world, wear nice clothes and eat great food! How did I do it? I believed in myself! I am based in Dubai but find myself in beautiful foreign places most of the time.

7 years ago I was broke living in a car. Nowadays I have a 6-figure business, which allows me to travel everywhere and feel free in my choices and way of life. I don’t do things I dislike, and live my dreams. The truth is that this option is out there for everyone. I have created my own job, and my dreams have become a reality.

So many coaches and influencers out there are full of it. They teach people things that they themselves have not accomplished. What I teach and share, is authentic and real. I have accomplished whatever I claim, and truly want to help you to do the same!

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