Dubai Favorites – LimeTree Cafe

I guess we all know how much I love to eat! Food is a true joy for me, however I am super healthy eater and really don’t like to put stuff in my body that doesn’t belong there. My diet mostly consists out of vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and some healthy grains every now and then. Because I also really love to go out for food, I’m always thrilled to find healthy cafe’s where I can eat my heart out and still stick to my fitness/lifestyle goals.

Limetree Cafe in Dubai is one of my favorites. They have a huge variety of food, tastefully displayed for customers can actually see the food they are going to eat. It’s a true feast of color to watch their beautifully displayed dishes. I love their salads as they are original and different from your regular every day Caesar salad (boring). These days my favorite Limetree dish is the grilled vegetable frittata and I always love the smoked salmon rice thingies you can see on the pics above.

On top of the scrumptious meals they serve a variety of amazing home-made cakes, delicious coffee and tasty cookies and other snacks to take home. I honestly love Limetree, and as they have several locations throughout Dubai, there’s always one around the corner. And ps. they also have a gluten free bakery, which is heaven for a health freak like me. Definitely worth a try!

Check out to find your location and visit soon!

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