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Dubai Favorite: Limetree Cafe

What to do in Istanbul


Bali Bliss – Ubud Ins & Outs

Bali Paradise Island, the Island of the Gods: A place of ceremony, community and healing. I have been coming to Bali since 2008, to Ubud in particular, and am still equally amazed every time. The natural beauty, the authentic…


Villa Joglovina – The most Beautiful Villa in Bali

This summer I was lucky enough to spend some time at the beautiful Villa Joglovina in the North of Bali. Being extensively featured in in the prestigious Conde Nast travel magazine, this home is a true work of art.…


Chloe Obsession

I have a slight obsession for anything Chloe, but particularly the sunglasses. They are so big and decadent, I can’t help but love every single one of them. This Chloe Carlina is from last years collection, but still so…