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Have the body of a Goddess at any age!

Hi guys and girls,

This article is definitely more for our women readers but could apply to men too. I am turning 35 in a month and have been thinking about age and our attachment to it and ideas about what it means to “age”. I know it is a topic of insecurity and taboo for many women, so in this article I’d just like to shed some light on how you can feel fabulous regardless of that annoying little number. Age-ing is a beautiful thing and should be embraced with humility and confidence.

Getting older is inevitable, but that does not have to mean becoming less sexy or out of shape!

Being fit and gorgeous is not age related at all. Have you ever seen the amazing supermodel Yazemeenah Rossi? She is just the perfect example of a woman who is not defined by the number of her years. And I know so many women who still look fabulous after 50, 60 and 80! Just think about Jane Fonda for instance, or Jennifer Lopez, and even some of my close friends.

With the right approach and introducing simple healthy habits into your life, age is indeed just a number. This is not about doing hours in the gym every day or planning meals. It’s about smarter and smaller consistent changes, which help you maintain a healthy body and better mindset. Here are some tips that will help you keep the body of a goddess at any age!

Be Kind to yourself

Embrace and love your body, it’s the only body you’ll have. Appreciate your current body and work your way up to what you would like it to be. Add one or two healthy habits every week until they become effortless and try to set new goals for yourself all the time. If you fail it’s ok, just keep trying until you reach a way of life that gives you the body you dream of! It is ok not to be perfect.

Drink Lemon Water

This is an amazing way to start your day and the best drink to have throughout the day as well. It flattens your tummy, improves your digestion, contains vitamins C and only a few calories. It helps the liver to detoxify, as well as aids digestion, which can help with weight loss. Alongside it clears your skin and makes it glow. Start with one big glass in the morning on an empty stomach, and sip throughout the day as well. I usually add half a lemon per 1/4 liter of water.

Stay Hydrated

I know you’re probably fed up with this tip, but staying hydrated really helps your body to function better. It cleans your body and improves your muscle function, joints and cardiovascular health. Drinking one cup of water before each meal makes you feel fuller, that means you’ll be less likely to scarf down your food. Plus if you’re hungry between meals, get yourself a cup of water to check if you are actually not just dehydrated, studies show that the same part in the brain is responsible for interpreting both hunger and thirst signals, which can often result in mixed messages. So a glass of water to check wont hurt!

Forget about diet!

Maintaining a restrictive diet is really hard, as life is busy and we are often on the go, not to mention the boredom of restriction! I for one like to drink my wine and eat my chocolate. Here are some simple rules that will boost your eating habits.

Carbs are not the enemy!

Eating carbohydrates is crucial for your mental and physical health. All you need is to choose the right carb i.e. whole grains, oats, sweet potatoes. They will fill you up with energy through the day. In addition, always keep high carb meal in the mornings or around your workout time so you can use that carb instead of storing it as fat. I hardly ever eat carbs at night, just keep it clean and lean after 6 pm.

More protein

Adding lean protein to each meal fills you up for a longer time, increases your metabolism as your body needs more energy to digest protein. Also, It helps with hair loss, which is a bonus! I don’t recommend eating red meat, but fish, egg whites, lentils and tofu are all great healthy sources of protein.

Eat more vegetables

Eating vegetables in every and each meal not only will help you eat less from the main course. Also, it will reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energized. Your plate should always be half full of vegetables actually!


One of my hardest struggles in maintaining a fit body is to give up snack food and sweets. So, I substitute chips with pop-corn and deserts with 85% dark chocolate and berries. In addition, I always keep 3 of my favorite veggies cut in slices and some raw nuts in my bag to snack on the go.

Have a tea break

My favorite tip! Take 10 minutes in the afternoon to sip on green, white or oolong tea. Full of antioxidants, boosts your metabolism and it tastes so good and gives you that afternoon boost.

Work Out!

To burn fat, start with 10 mins High Intensity Interval Training every morning on an empty stomach. Add more strength exercises as you’re getting fitter and stronger until you can go for 45 minutes 5 times a week. Weight training will increase your muscles mass, so you can burn more calories while resting! Working out does not have to be boring. Find a workout partner or just do any outdoor activity you enjoy. I personally love to work with a personal trainer to get closer to my fitness goals.


Meditation helps you clear your mind and connect to your body. It will decrease your stress levels, as stress usually leads people to eat when not hungry. Get into your most comfortable posture in your favorite spot and just breathe … I will be doing a meditation instruction video for you guys soon!

Go To Bed

Sleeping is like nutrition for the brain. It helps your body recover. The amount of sleeping hours one needs varies from one to another, usually our bodies need 7-9 hours of sleep. Many studies show that lack of sleep can undo the benefits of a healthy diet and workout. A good nights sleep can help you fight cravings and make healthier choices, as well as increasing your resting metabolism rate. Lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels, which again contributes to fat storage.

So, the bottom line: Big changes start with small steps, and consistency is a key to maintain your progress. Adding these tips gradually into your lifestyle will transform your body in a consistent way without jo-jo ing, starving yourself of over-exercising.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Comment below to let us know!


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      You’re too sweet Chris <3

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